Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the driving force behind Ecology Ottawa

Ecology Ottawa is volunteer driven. That means what we get done gets done mostly by volunteers, and because volunteers have helped decide on Ecology Ottawa’s priorities.

We depend on volunteers to get the word out, organize events, research innovative solutions to urban environmental problems, and help with our database. Together, we can make a big difference – a small contribution of your time can go a long way! 


Pick an opportunity from the list below and e-mail the team lead to begin the on-boarding process!


  • Are you bilingual? We’re looking for some keen volunteers (3-4) who will help us translate emails, blog posts and posters.
    • You can volunteer from home;
    • You can volunteer flexible hours;
    • You get to exercise your language skills!

Email emilie.grenier@ecologyottawa.ca

  • Are you keen to monitor City Hall? We’re looking for Council Watchers who will attend Council and Committee meetings and help produce monthly reports on the goings-on at City Hall.
    • You will stay current with policies shaping your city;
    • You will learn how the proverbial sausage gets made in Municipal Policy;
    • You get to meet other Council Watchers who are keen on what they do
    • You provide a valuable service to the community and help keep our elected representatives accountable

Email erik.pervin@ecologyottawa.ca

  • Are you an air quality geek? We’re looking for some mobile volunteers (20-30), or "Air Trackers", who will take the streets and monitor Ottawa’s air quality.
    • You get to enjoy the great outdoors;
    • You get to complete your 4,000 steps a day;
    • You get to discover just how good (or bad!) our air quality is;
    • You get to contribute to making Ottawa a better city for all.

Email emilie.grenier@ecologyottawa.ca

  • Are you a data wizard? We’re looking for volunteers who will help with data entering and management. It’s easy AND it’s fun.
    • You get to understand how our internal systems work;
    • You get to engage with our awesome team;
    • You get to enjoy our delicious tea while you work.

Email emilie.grenier@ecologyottawa.ca

  • Are you ready for a tree party? Come to one of our bag-and-tag parties! We have 15,000 trees to giveaway this year and need your help preparing them for distribution.
    • You will learn how to properly bag and tag tree saplings for distribution;
    • You will meet new people by coming into the Ecology Ottawa office;
    • Snacks will be provided!

Email living.city.campaign@ecologyottawa.ca

  • Do you love engaging with your community? We are searching for volunteers to help us run our Tree Distribution Program.
    • You will attend events in Ottawa to help giveaway tree saplings and collect information from the recipients;
    • You will learn about local environmental issues and communicate them with your peers;
    • You will build new relationships and have fun with people in your community!

Email living.city.campaign@ecologyottawa.ca

  • Are you passionate about biodiversity? We are looking for volunteers to help us canvass the Kanata area to raise awareness about our Urban Biodiversity Campaign.
    • You will learn about urban biodiversity and take action;
    • You will improve your communication skills by engaging with your community;
    • You get to spend time outside and meet like-minded people!

Email living.city.campaign@ecologyottawa.ca

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