Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the driving force behind Ecology Ottawa

Ecology Ottawa is volunteer driven. That means what we get done gets done mostly by volunteers, and because volunteers have helped decide on Ecology Ottawa’s priorities.

We depend on volunteers to get the word out, organize events, research innovative solutions to urban environmental problems, and help with our database. Together, we can make a big difference – a small contribution of your time can go a long way! 


Pick an opportunity from the list below and e-mail the team lead to begin the on-boarding process!


  • Do you have a keen eye for graphic design? We are looking for volunteers to help us create images to share with our supporters.
    • You get to be creative;
    • You get to help us spread the word about our programs;
    • You get to inspire people with your designs!

      Email living.city.campaign@ecologyottawa.ca

  • Are you ready to green-up your community? We are searching for volunteers to help us with our Tree Fundraiser.
    • You get to meet like-minded people;
    • You get to help coordinate the raffle;
    • You get to support Ottawa's future tree canopy!

      Email living.city.campaign@ecologyottawa.ca

  • Are you passionate about biodiversity? We are looking for volunteers to help us run our online event series that raises awareness about our Biodiversity Campaign.
    • You get to learn about biodiversity and take action;
    • You get to see what goes on behind-the-scenes of our online events;
    • You get to meet like-minded people and become a biodiversity champion!

      Email living.city.campaign@ecologyottawa.ca

  • Do you want to share your love for nature with others? We are looking for volunteers to help us put together our 2021 Passport to Nature.
    • You get to be creative;
    • You get to develop relationships with community partners;
    • You get to encourage others to explore their nearby nature! 

      Email living.city.campaign@ecologyottawa.ca

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