Petition for a Safer Sherbourne Road

Sherbourne Road is used by many people in the community to get to school, work, the park, the community centre or simply just for a walk around the neighbourhood. As pedestrians of all ages and abilities use the road, speeding vehicles are a danger. With every year more and more cyclists are also riding on the road. And now with the school bus system changing in September 2015 every day more school children will be crossing the road either on foot or on a bike where fast moving cars make this dangerous.

 With few places to cross safely on this wide and winding road citizens are taking action. The Carlingwood and McKellar Park Community Association, together with Ecology Ottawa are organizing to make Sherbourne Road safer for everyone.

 Therefore, the community is looking at what traffic calming measures would best serve the neighbourhood to make the road not only safe, but also an enjoyable place to be. After assessing the road and considering short term and long term solutions, the community will bring recommendations to the city through Councillors Jeff Leiper and Mark Taylor.

 Sherbourne Road is due for resurfacing, most likely in 2018, which gives residents time to imagine the kind of road that would serve everyone best. The Complete Streets policy that was adopted in 2013 requires that the city consider improvements for pedestrians and cyclists when any road work is planned. This means that the residents can change and improve the current design so that all users have a safe and comfortable experience on Sherbourne Road. We believe that the community deserves a street that is safe for all users, including pedestrians and cyclists of all ages and abilities.


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Gavin King
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Darren Woolsey
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    Sign the petition: Petition for a Safer Sherbourne Road
  • Marc Schoenberg
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    Sign the petition: Petition for a Safer Sherbourne Road
  • Marc Schoenberg
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