[Urgent] Call your City Councillor

For the past few months, Ecology Ottawa has been organizing meetings between City Councillors and constituents to discuss the critical issue of Ottawa’s urban boundary expansion. Our goal is to show our local policymakers that there is a strong mobilization of the public around holding the lines of Ottawa’s urban boundary. So far, we have met with a few Councillors and will continue lobbying the remaining to keep building pressure.

As a status update on our meeting requests with the Councillors, the following list contains those who have either agreed to meet with us or received a reply from and will follow up soon:

  • Scott Moffatt
  • Rawlson King
  • Catherine McKenney
  • Theresa Kavanagh
  • Laura Dudas
  • Jenna Sudds
  • Glen Gower
  • Matthieu Fleury
  • Shawn Menard
  • Tim Tierney
  • Jeff Leiper
  • Matthew Luloff
  • Keith Egli

On the other hand, below is the list of Councillors who have not responded yet:

  • Jan Harder
  • Eli El-Chantiry
  • Riley Brockington
  • Jean Cloutier
  • Stephen Blais
  • George Darouze
  • Carol Anne Meehan
  • Allan Hubley

Both Councillor Rick Chiarelli and Councillor Diane Deans have declined our requests due to medical reasons.


We understand that the Councillors and constituents have busy schedules. Thus, in order to effectively and conveniently convey our message on a timely manner, we kindly ask that you call your Councillor as well and urge them to reject urban boundary expansion as part of Ottawa’s new Official Plan. If you are unable to discuss your concerns in person, this is the next best method to get your Councillor’s attention. The more constituents the Councillors hear from, the greater our influence is on their final decision. Click here to contact your Councillor now.

Lastly, if you would like to contribute to our campaign but cannot attend the meetings nor call your Councillor, you can email your councillor about the Hold the Line campaign here!


For more information on how to get involved, please email emi[email protected]

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