Groups Interested in Ottawa's GHG Roundtable

The following organizations have asked the City of Ottawa to be added to the attendee list of the greenhouse gas roundtable, or asked for the outcome report, or have expressed concern over global warming in connection with the GHG roundtable (as noted).

  • Alumni of the Ottawa City Council mandated Environmental Advisory Committee (asked to attend)
  • Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (asked for outcome report)
  • Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - Ottawa Valley (asked to attend)
  • Capital Vèlo Fest (asked to attend)
  • Centretown Citizens Community Association (asked to attend)
  • Champlain Park Community Association (asked to attend)
  • Climate Reality Canada (asked to attend)
  • Dalhousie Community Association (asked to attend)
  • Ecology Ottawa (asked to attend)
  • Federation of Citizens’ Associations (expressed concern)
  • First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa, Environmental Working Group (asked to attend)
  • Greenspace Alliance of Canada's Capital (asked to attend)
  • Lowertown Community Association (asked to attend)
  • Morrison Hershfield Engineering (asked to attend)
  • Old Ottawa East Community Association (expressed concern)
  • Old Ottawa South Community Association (asked to attend)
  • Ottawa Centre Ecodistrict (asked to attend)
  • Ottawa Chamber of Commerce, Environment Committee (asked to attend)
  • Ottawa Field Naturalists' Club (asked to attend)
  • Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative (asked to attend)
  • Professional Engineers Ontario – Ottawa Chapter (asked to attend)
  • SLOWest (asked to attend)
  • Smarter Shift/The Conference Publishers  (asked to attend)
  • South March Highlands Carp River Conservation Inc.  (asked to attend) 
  • Sustainable Enterprise Association (asked to attend) 
  • Wellington Village Community Association  (asked to attend)
  • Westboro Community Association (asked to attend)
  • Windmill Developments (asked to attend)

If your organization has an interest in attending the City of Ottawa greenhouse gas roundtable click here.

Individuals concerned about global warming and the City of Ottawa's strategy to manage greenhouse gas should click here.


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