Climate Change Outreach Volunteer Page

Thank you for helping get the word out.

Your role is to ask people in Ottawa to contact their city councillor so that the city will begin work on a climate change strategy. Nothing motivates politicians like a bunch of their voters asking them to do something.

The tools available to you here are:

Ecology Ottawa will provide you with a list of people to call. You should also consider calling your friends, family and neighbours.

If you haven't got a list to call please let us know. You can:

  • go here and tick "I'll help spread the word and ask others to call their Councillor"
  • or let us know by emailing [email protected]

We have some alternative scripts if you'd rather try them. We'll be holding information meetings and sharing tips on what works in a call and what doesn't. If you have any tips or wisdom please let others know in the comments field below.


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